The Work That We Do!

We work to support communities acquire conducive living conditions through an integrated development approach by focussing on Sustainable Development Goals. We work in remote and marginalized places of the country through committed development professionals. We believe that the problems of remote and marginalized India cannot be seen in isolation. A multi-sectoral approach needs to be adopted to create self-sustainable, autonomous and regenerative communities. We adopt an integrated development approach for a holistic development through the following themes


Education is a vehicle of change as old as civilization, it has existed in one form or another. Our work in education does not seek to turn it upside down or challenge it. We come from a place of extending our support to the government of India. We believe, just like most systems, Indian education also gets affected tremendously by the vastness of this nation. The remote rural districts that Kayantar works in, evidentiate this. We working on whole school transformation as well to co-create an active School Management Committee (SMC).


As an organization that started much of its implementation during the advent of Covid-19, we were quite aware of our limitations in terms of offering civil society solutions. What did emerge through various conversations with community members and a look at all the epidemics and pandemics of the world was the value of strengthening community structures; in this case, community structures related to health. We believe that preparedness and solidarity are key to overcome calamities, pandemics, and recessions.


Our work in Livelihood is a part of our bigger program model. It plays a crucial role in what we visualize to be a pathway through which more and more of our communities could strengthen themselves financially. As Kayantar’s work is heavily focused on rural India, we are working incessantly towards building and optimizing market linkages for farmers, artisans, and various other rural entrepreneurs in our communities. We are working to build skill sets of people to enable them to access better earning opportunities.


Gift a book for the children we are working with in the villages and bring the joy of reading in their lives. Please ensure that the books are in good condition. Remember, it is a gift and you would want your gift to bring a smile…

Join us to create conducive living conditions for marginalized communities

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