The Development Leaders for India is a unique Post Graduate Field Based Development Learning Program for the dedicated, committed, passionate and bright young minds aspiring to be development professionals. We believe that to learn about development work one has to be on the ground and connect with the stakeholders and understand them. Through this program, aspiring development professionals will be enabled with perspectives, knowledge, and skill sets that would make them capable to design, implement and manage development projects in the social sector. They will placed in a community where they will be directly working in education, health and livelihood and aspire to solve complex problems through regenerative solutions by implementing their in class learning. This 10 month long immersion program will ensure that the aspiring development professionals are well acquainted with the problems in the underserved communities and will begin to cultivate the knowledge, skills, mindsets which are pertinent to them to co-create an equitable and regenerative eco-system for communities.

The aspiring development professionals will walk the road and take up a journey of social change which will spark visible action in the development of communities by working on all the three domains of education, health and livelihood simultaneously using a systems thinking approach.

The aspiring development professionals will be placed full time as community leaders, for 10 months, in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and Mewat (Haryana) where they shall work with the local government bodies, government schools and government public health care institutions where they shall design interventions which will ensure holistic community development. Additionally, we shall also impart them with skills and knowledge to become an efficient development leader.


We are looking for a cadre of young minds who are willing to work towards holistic community development, who will in turn evolve and become development professionals who shall create a ripple of social change through this 10 month long program.

The individuals must have mindsets and behavior which will make this journey fruitful for them. We consider a solution oriented approach, determination, potential leadership and ambition as important aspects for the applicants. They must display excellent relationship building skills with various stakeholders and have a growth mindset. They should possess humility, empathy and compassion to relentlessly work for people and with people.

We look for diversity in our cohort and we do not limit our program to academically excellent candidates. We believe every individual has the potential to become a leader and we shall open our arms for people who are passionate, gritty and translate words into actions.

In order to apply for the program, you must be an Indian citizen and over 18 years of age as on 15th August, 2020, with a minimum of a graduate degree in any stream from any university or college. Fresh graduates can also apply for this program.


The selection process we have is a three step process which is as follows. We believe that our selection process will ensure that we give a platform to the most deserved candidates who shall work towards bringing social change. Our whole selection process will be online.

Stage 1: Application Form

This will give us an opportunity to understand who you are, your background, and your vision towards the goal you have set for yourself.

Stage 2: Group Discussion

This stage will allow us to understand your communication and critical thinking skills and will give you a space to discuss and express your perspectives about a particular social issue.

Stage 3: Final Interview

This conversation shall be about you, your goals, your aspirations and your understanding of the dynamic complex problems.

Once you complete in all three stages, we shall send you an email with the offer letter and other details. The entire process must take a minimum of 30 working days.

*) Application starts on 15th August, 2020.

*) Application ends on 15th September, 2020.

*) Decision Notification Latest by 20th September, 2020.

*) The program starts on 2nd October, 2020.


You should apply for this program if you aspire to build a career in the social sector. This program will develop your professional skills and will enable you to design, implement and manage development projects in the social sector.

This program is free of cost. We are providing 100% scholarship for the first cohort and will not be charging any program fees.

At the end of the program you will evolve as a development professional who would possess the perspectives, mindsets, understanding and skills to work in the social sector and connect with stakeholders. You will also receive the following : 

*) Certificate of completion.

*) Placement assistance in social sector organizations upon successful completion of the program.

*) Your portfolio of the impact that you have created with your work.

During the course of program you will be placed in a rural community (either in Mewat or in Aurangabad). There will be in-class sessions to orient you about the perspectives, knowledge, skill sets and tools that are required to design, implement and manage development projects in the social sector. You will then implement the learning from the class in your respective communities to improve the quality of education, health and prospects of livelihood.

No, there will be no written exams in this program. Your implementation on the ground and the impact created would be your proof of learning in this program.

No, this is not an online program. We strongly believe that to understand the social sector one must come out of the four walls and experience the reality on the ground and connect with the stakeholders to design solutions for them and with them. The on ground experiences will go a long way in helping you become a development professionals. Specially in the current pandemic, where many communities have been struggling, it has become more important to support these communities on the ground and help our nation develop further as a development professional.