Towards co-creating an equitable and regenerative eco-system for communities

Kayantar Foundation is registered as a Not for Profit Company under Section 8 founded to support communities acquire conducive living conditions through an integrated development approach. We intend to work in remote and marginalized places of the country through committed development professionals. As an organisation, we believe in co creating an equitable and regenerative ecosystem by focusing on livelihood, education and health.

Our Vision

Co create an equitable and regenerative eco system for communities.

Our Mission

  • To co-create a cadre of youth who would work to address the social issues in their respective communities.
  • To co-create a network of local leaders, civil society organizations and government officials to address social issues using a systemic approach.
  • To co-create a pool of knowledge and learning through on field experience and engagement for further dissemination and support in policy framing.
  • To nurture and facilitate initiatives addressing social issues.


Development Leaders For India is a flagship program of Kayantar Foundation.

Development Leaders For India is a 12 month long field-based development learning fellowship for people who want to build a career in the social sector.

Development Leaders For India will facilitate the learning experiences for aspiring social development professionals in understanding the stakeholders from the community, identifying the need and then designing an intervention in the field. These experiences will enable the learners to adapt to any organization’s need and program and enable them to contribute to the betterment of the intervention as they grow in their professional life.